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No business can ignore the ever-present concerns over global warming.

HPT is committed to doing everything commercially possible, to reduce our carbon footprint and manufacture in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Where possible we reuse or recycle waste product, we are committed to reducing our packaging and are working towards the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

The majority of the products used in the manufacture of our panels are recyclable and much of the steel we use is also recycled.

Wherever possible HPT strives to source major raw materials from within the UK.

The embodied energy of steel is comparable to many other construction materials, however the embodied energy is reduced over multiple life cycles as the product can be recycled without loss of quality.

Because we offer a complete system including panels and accessories, our deliveries and associated carbon emissions are reduced.

And of course, our panel systems are arguably amongst the most thermally efficient in the industry, helping ensure that heat loss from buildings containing our products is minimised and energy use reduced.

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